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Community Healing Network

Community Healing Network (CHN) hosts Community Healing Days, observed the third weekend every October, a celebration aimed at mobilizing African Americans to overcome the impact of slavery, racism and the lie of Black inferiority, a root cause of many communal problems. Since its inception in New Haven, CT in 2008, the celebration of Community Healing Days has grown steadily. In 2010, when Dr. Maya Angelou, chair of CHN's Board of Advisors, called on people to Wear Sky Blue as a symbol of their commitment to emancipation from the myths of Black inferiority and White superiority, people in over 130 cities responded.CHN believes that in order to reverse the negative trends in the black community, it must focus energies on liberating African Americans from the myth of black inferiority. It is dedicated to building a nationwide grassroots network of self-help groups focused on emotional emancipation and healing for black people by 2019, the year that will mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Africans on American soil.



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