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Doing Democracy
Doing Democracy is a nationwide, multi-generational partnership of parents, children, youth, educators, media professionals, scholars, public figures, churches, schools, and civic organizations. Doing Democracy also forms the basis for our Doing Digital Democracy and Children Do Democracy Too initiatives.

Doing Democracy recognizes that all citizens must pull together and work with coordinated action to make democracy thrive. It recognizes that in order for democracy to work, free citizens must work every day to strengthen their families, to care for their neighbors, and to support their communities.

Doing Democracy challenges America to:
  • Make self-love, family, and education priorities in American life.
  • Use The Jamestown Project’s Doing Democracy Toolkit to address priority agenda items that affect you.
  • Act to build stronger families and communities.
  • Teach children that they have the ability to impact their world.
  • Speak out about the issues that affect you, connect with others, and share your stories, making sure your voice is amplified and included in local, regional, and national debate that impacts policy and your life.
Doing Democracy forms the foundation of The Jamestown Project’s ongoing initiative to utilize its tools of civic engagement to teach and inspire citizens across the nation to engage in meaningful public conversations around priority issues, such as: Strengthening Families, Healthcare, Education, Equal Justice, Community Policing, Affordable Neighborhoods, Democracy, Strengthening our Roots, Economic Prosperity, Environmental Justice, and Closing the Digital Divide.


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