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Why White Kids Love Hip-Hop
bkcover_whitekidsWhy White Kids Love Hip-Hop
By Senior Fellow, Bakari Kitwana
(Basic Civitas Books May 31, 2005, ISBN 978-0465037469)

Kitwana explores the appeal of hip-hop culture to young whites and their overall fascination with black youth culture. Part of the appeal of hip-hop to alienated white youths is its use as a means of expression for the voiceless in America. The integration of telecommunications and consumer culture has resulted in the broadening of acceptance of hip-hop among whites. Kitwana argues that this area of common ground for black and white youth provides a space of interracial interaction that challenges the old status quo that he designates "old racial politics." One example is the popularity of Eminem, the white rapper who has succeeded in a perceptively black medium. Yet Kitwana questions those who overvalue the appreciation of the white market for hip-hop at the cost of devaluing the essential black root to the culture. While Kitwana is clearly optimistic regarding hip-hop's potential impact on racial politics in America, he acknowledges that the hip-hop generation, and society in general, will continue to struggle with the reality of the old racial politics.
Vernon Ford
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