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RACE: A Philosophical Introduction
raceRACE:  A Philosophical Introduction
By Senior Fellow, Paul C. Taylor 
(Polity Press 2003, ISBN: 978-0745628837)

In this book, Taylor provides an accessible guide to a well-traveled but still-mysterious area of the contemporary social landscape.  "Dr. Taylor is a philosopher extraordinaire," said Stephanie Robinson, Founding President & CEO of the Jamestown Project.  "His blend of metaphysics and social philosophy, analytic philosophy and practical real world experience make Dr. Taylor a true reflective thinker."  "He absorbs his readers into deep, contemplative thinking about race matters that we too often take for granted," said Mark Jefferson who is another Jamestown Fellow and a Morehouse classmate of Dr. Taylor's. 

Race is truly a first rate philosophical introduction to the issue of race in America.  It is suitable for the educated general reader as well as for students and scholars in ethnic studies, philosophy, sociology, and other related fields. 

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