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Our Foundational Covenant: Strengthening the Family
thumb_finalcover_familyweb Our Foundational Covenant: Strengthening the Family
By Enola G. Aird, Lorraine Blackman, Obie Clayton and Stephanie Robinson

Strong, healthy families are the foundation of a strong, healthy community. With the release of this document, The Jamestown Project and its partners in The Covenant movement issue an explicit and urgent call to action to our brothers and sisters to build on the historic strengths of our community to revitalize the Black family. The Foundational Covenant argues that family is the common denominator of all of the Covenant principles, and asks us to work to nurture, love and care for ourselves, our children, our marriages, our families, and our entire community. The Foundational Covenant is structured in essentially the same way as the other chapters of The Covenant, and is intended for inclusion in future reprints of that book.
pdf The Foundational Covenant 30/01/2007,08:33 1.58 Mb
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