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Stand Up! The New Politics of Racial Uplift
A Public Philosophy Symposium, May 2, 2008 from 9am to 5pm at Temple University
Kiva Auditorium and Tuttleman Learning Center, Room 101

For a complete list of participants, schedule, and work by participants and material relevant to symposium themes, go to the conference website:


To view photos of the event click here .  

Purpose of Symposium
The Millions More Movement, Cosby's 'call-outs,' and other recent trends renew an old approach to black political thought and practice. The racial uplift tradition tries to improve the conditions of black life by insisting on moral refinement and race-based organization. Uplift ideology and practice have a long and storied past, but critics of the tradition worry over its limitations. Some express concern that it is anti-democratic, intolerant, elitist, sexist, and heterosexist. Others think it focuses too much on personal morality and cultural pathology and not enough on social justice and political economy.

The participants in the 'Stand Up!' symposium will think through the risks and rewards of this new racial uplift politics. This interdisciplinary exercise in public philosophy will explore the implications of a social phenomenon with broad ethical significance. The new politics of racial uplift emerges from a widely shared conviction that something is deeply wrong in American society. Our public philosophy conference will take this judgment seriously, and subject this politics to searching and critical scrutiny.  Download flyer pdf StandUp
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