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Rap Sessions

Rap Sessions are community dialogues that engage youth and community leaders in candid, compelling conversations about the ways that race and democracy are being redefined in our national culture.

In 2009, the Jamestown Project, in partnership with Senior Fellow Bakari Kitwana, completed a ten-city tour across the United States with panelists that included Stephanie Robinson; Tricia Rose (Brown University Africana Studies professor and author of four books including The Hip-Hop Wars); Jabari Asim (Editor of The NAACP magazine, The Crisis, and author of What Obama Means); Eddie Glaude (Jamestown Project Senior Fellow and Princeton University Professor); MC Serch (host of VH-1 reality shows The White Rapper Show and Miss Rap Supreme); organizer Lisa Fager-Bediako (founder and president of Industry Ears, Inc.); and Green Party activist, Rosa Clemente.
In 2010 Rap Sessions will continue seeking to answer the question, “Is America Really Post-Racial?” Targeting the hip-hop generation that helped build early support for America’s first Black president, we will leverage these townhall meetings, making them more interactive and accessible, and expand Rap Sessions conversations to new interactive venues via the Internet.



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